Limited Mass Reopening

Limited Reopening of Mass

Dearest Brothers and Sisters, 


Rejoice! Here is a big breaking news for all of us to be cheerful. I am excited to announce that after prayerful discernment, Archbishop Sample has approved the plan for the limited reopening of the Holy Mass throughout the Archdiocese of Portland.

In accordance with Governor Brown’s executive orders, the number of people at a Mass cannot exceed 25. This includes the celebrant, essential ministers, cantors,
videographers and anyone present. 

The dispensation of the Sunday Mass obligation remains in effect, so no one is required or expected to attend the Holy Mass on the weekends with this reopening.


At St. John the Apostle parish we welcome this news with great joy and we are ready to gradually reopen participation in the Holy Mass for our parishioners.

For details on how you can sign up to participate in the Holy Mass, please read the two documents attached here and posted on our parish website


Many blessings
Rev. Maxy D’Costa, Pastor

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