How to Sign Up for Mass Using Flocknote

How to Sign Up for Mass

Mass signups through Flocknote have begun. While we are still in Phase I of Reopening. We are now allowed to have up to 50 people at Masses, that includes essential ministers. Masses won't have 50 spots to signup on Flocknote, because we are keeping some spots for people who are not on Flocknote, or don't have email or the ability to text. Also, some spots are reserved for 1st Communicants and their families. So you will be able to sign up for each weekday Mass and 1 weekend Mass every other week.


NOTE: If you click on another Mass time after you have signed up for one Mass time, you will be MOVED to the new Mass time unless you cancel it. The total spots available through Flocknote allows for signups by phone for those that aren't on Flocknote. When we move to Phase II, we will be able to have about 150 at any Mass, so after we are prepared, then you should be able to signup for multiple weekends a month.


Attendance at Mass is by sign-up only.

+ Now, most sign ups will be via Flocknote. You will get an email with a link to sign up. 

+ If you don't have email or a texting phone, call the office at 503-742-8202 to make your request. 

 Mass Times:

Saturday: 5:00pm

Sunday: 8:30am, 10:30am & 1:30pm (Spanish)

Tuesday - Friday: 10:00am***, no Monday Mass

***New Weekday Mass Time

Beginning Tuesday, September 22nd, daily Mass will be returning to 8:00am. No Mass sign ups will be required, but each person will need to sign in on the sheet on the clipboard at the door. There will be no Hospitality Minister there, but everyone is expected to wear masks, maintain social distance and, please, assist any newcomers.

If you or someone in your family is not feeling well, please do not come to church. When coming to your assigned Mass, the only entrance door will be the side door by the chapel. Face masks are now required except for those with a medical condition that precludes them from wearing a mask and children under 5 years of age. A Hospitality Minister will check you off the list and show you to your seating.  Seating is important to maximize the number of people we can have in church while keeping social distance.


Dispensation From Sunday Mass Obligation

It is very important to know that dispensation from participating in the Sunday Holy Mass obligation is still in place. If you have a compromised health condition or are in the age group of those at high risk or even have mild illness, please stay home and join us through the live streamed Holy Mass at 10:30am every Sunday. The truth is that most of us would like to participate in the Sunday Holy Mass and that is really wonderful to note. I want you to remember that you are dispensed from participating in the Sunday Holy Mass during the pandemic.

Collecting Names for Holy Mass Signups: Parish sign-up lists are intended to facilitate sign-ups in an equitable manner within the 50-person limit now in place. They also provide a means of contact in the event of a potential exposure at Mass. The lists are intended for internal use by the parish and must be maintained. A parish will follow the guidelines put forth by health officials regarding potential exposure. In the event of an exposure or a confirmed COVID-19 infection, parish staff will contact persons who may have been exposed. A parish may be asked by public health officials for the contact information for the purposes of contact tracing. Therefore, anyone not comfortable with public officials potentially being given their name and contact information should refrain at this time from signing up and attending Mass. The Sunday obligation remains lifted.

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