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Steubenville Northwest Summer Conference

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Upcoming Events:

* Rosary and Bake Sale following all Masses on May 4 and 5.


Parish support helps youth have a powerful experience with peers and with Jesus at this retreat. The cost per teen is $450.


Follow us on Facebook at St. John the Apostle Catholic Church for updates from the conference.

What’s SNW?

Steubenville Northwest is an annual conference for high school youth centering on processional Adoration, powerful youth speakers, worship music, and men’s/women’s sessions. Teens partake in the sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation, and lean into a weekend shared with thousands of other people their age who are strong in the faith. This summer, more than 50,000 Catholic teens across North America will attend one of 24 Steubenville Youth Conferences.


The theme this year is Belong:  ​At the core of our being is a desire for meaningful connection and authentic relationship. We long to love and be loved, but how often do we just feel lonely? As we search for ways to escape these feelings of isolation, there comes a small, quiet whisper that pierces through to the depths of our heart: “You are never alone, because you are Mine.”


Why do we go?

At SJA, we want our youth to stay close to God and the church as they progress through their teen years and step into adulthood. They need intentional formation, experiences that touch their souls, and friends to share it all with. Preparing for this conference, a good old fashioned road trip to Spokane together (and maybe some touristy fun along the way), time to think about their faith without distractions, and coming back to share what they learned with the parish are all important experiences for our young people.


Registration for 2019 has passed. Please check this spot in March 2020 for information about the 2020 SNW conference and how to register.

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