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Audrey Delegato Obituary

Audrey Delegato (Adriana Teresa Giobbi) was born on January 7, 1928 to Teresa Gasparetto Giobbi and Archille Giobbi at home, in Waterbury, Connecticut, with her sister Mary and brother Ed nearby.

Her early years were typical of a first generation Italian in the 1930's. Both of her parents worked in order to raise three children. She enjoyed being the baby of the family. She spent many afternoons watching her father prepare his meal before going to work, which may have led to her love of cooking. Audrey liked writing and penned articles for her high school newspaper. She would visit with her neighbor, Carmen Recchini and write letters to Carmen's nephews. One day, one of those nephews came to visit his Uncle Carmen, and Audrey fell head over heels in love with Bob (Robert) Delegato while he was on leave from the Navy. After 10 days, they were engaged and a few months later they were married in 1946.

Bob and Aud took the train to Portland, Oregon shortly afterward, and she felt very fortunate that Bob's family took her in with open arms, experiencing the truest sense of family that she had ever had. Her sister-in-law Helen became her best friend and they were together at least two times a week, visiting and laughing while between the two of them raising six children.

Bob and Aud had three children, Janice, Edward, and Paul, before Bob graduated from college and accepted a job in Southern California. Audrey loved her new house, but she missed her extended family in Portland. They had their fourth child, Mary, in California. After a move to Utah, a couple of years later, they decided to return to Portland. Audrey found the perfect house for the family in Jennings Lodge. She and Bob enjoyed working in their one acre yard, and they expanded their house to make room for their fifth child, Nancy. The happily married couple made many friends through St. John the Apostle Church and in their neighborhood.

Audrey found time to volunteer for “hot dog” day at St. John's School where she met with other mothers, once a week, to prepare a hot lunch for the students. She kept very busy cleaning, washing, and cooking, for her family. She also enjoyed preparing new recipes and perfecting old Italian favorites. As the children left home, Aud spent her time tole painting, working in her flower garden, cooking for friends and family, volunteering at the library, and taking morning walks with a group of friends. She and Bob took many exciting trips along the West Coast and also made a couple of trips to Europe. They enjoyed being together and were always happy to be back home.

Audrey treasured her time with her thirteen grandchildren. She loved having them over to spend the night, taking them to Burgerville and the thrift store, and just doing fun things with them. She was more than willing to babysit them when they were little.

Bob passed away in 2001 and Audrey was bereft for a long time. It was difficult to believe that the love of her life was gone. She did, however, enjoy her newfound independence and she made the best of her remaining years.

Her last 3 years were pretty much confined to her home and later to her bed. She was undemanding during this time but adamant about staying in her home. She had many visitors and different caregivers who not only took care of her physical needs but also tried to keep her well-fed, happy, and content with her life.

Audrey passed away on May 21, with Ed and Nancy by her side. She slipped away very peacefully where she had wanted to be—in her home. She will be missed by all, but happily she has been set free.

Audrey is survived by:

four of her five children, Jan (Janice) Rose [Alan], Ed (Edward) Delegato, Mary Delegato Porter [Dan], and Nancy Bolton [Bruce];

thirteen grandchildren—Maria Rose, Christopher Rose, Amy Rose, Louis Delegato, Amelia Hunt, Trisha Shields, Yume Delegato, Danny-Delegato Porter, Pristene Eriksson, Mario Delegato, Mariah Wilhoite, Alex Bolton, and Audriana Bolton;

twelve great-grandchildren—Beth, Sage, Dustin, Sophia, Riley, Addison, Amelia, Emmy, Andre, Ari, Easton, and Francisco;

one brother Edward Giobbi, and many nieces and nephews.

She was preceded in death by her loving husband Bob (Robert) Delegato and her son Paul Delegato.

Her funeral will be June 7, at 11 AM, at St. John the Apostle Catholic Church in Oregon City.

Live video on FaceBook and YouTube at: St John the apostle catholic church

In lieu of flowers:

Oak Grove Library

Oregon Humane Society


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