Jesse Tree - December 5, 2020 - Day 7

Saturday, December 5

During the seven years of plenty, when the land produced abundant crops, he husbanded all the food of

these years of plenty that the land of Egypt was enjoying and stored it in the towns, placing in each town

the crops of the fields around it. Joseph garnered grain in quantities like the sands of the sea, so vast that

at last he stopped measuring it, for it was beyond measure. Genesis 41: 47-49

Today’s symbol is a sack of grain. Joseph, the son of Jacob, is cast out by his brothers. But through

his faith in God’s providence, he has enough food to feed all who are hungry in times of famine,

with sacks of grain bursting at

the seams. Read the story of Joseph’s life in Genesis Chapters 37 to 50.

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