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Where Do I Start?

Join us for Mass on Sunday! We'd like you to join us in person. When you do join us in person, please stop by the Welcome Desk offered twice a month for more information and to say hello.

Four Mass Times

5:30pm Saturday Anticipated Mass

Saturday Anticipated Mass with music led by a small ensemble.

8:30am Sunday Mass

This choir offers traditional hymns with vocal support from sopranos, altos, tenors, and baritones accompanied by piano and percussion. 

10:30am Sunday Mass
Praise & Worship Choir “praise and worship” style of music. They provide the energy and musical support for the upbeat and contemplative repertoire of that Mass. The 3rd Sunday 10:30am Mass is an ASL Interpreted Mass.

12:30 pm Sunday Mass in Spanish

Led by Spanish choir with contemporary music in Spanish

How Do I Get Connected?

Fill out a Contact Card and we will contact you.

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