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Ministry Commitment

All Christians have a universal call to grow in union with God and a universal call to mission. We have all been graced with unique talents and gifts to share with the Body of Christ. In September of this year we are focusing on understanding our identity as children of God shaped to serve God. Then we will grow in discerning how we might place our time and talent at the service of God and others. Below you will find a button to download the commitment brochure. Please use this to help you discern your gifts and the ministries in which you would like to serve.

Our SJA Serves opportunities are organized under a few different ministry categories.

Here are very general explanations of each category:

Love to smile? Outgoing? Enjoy hosting guests? In hospitality we want to create a warm and friendly atmosphere by serving people, greeting people and answering basic inquiries.  

Community Outreach
Desire to serve those in need in the community? Outreach ministries prepare meals, collect donations, help immigrants, offer drives to appointments and assist those less fortunate.

Food and Social
Building community means food. If you enjoy cooking, serving or creating opportunities for people to connect then this would be your place to get involved. 

Altar Setup and Service
Lots happens behind the scenes to create beautiful services. This is a good mix between behind-the-scene roles through set up and organizing, or assisting during Mass.

Facilities and Administrative Support
Speaking of things that happen “in the background”...  This ministry is all about administrative projects (requiring varying degrees of skill), or building setup, teardown and maintenance. If you enjoy hands-on tasks, computer work or helping to organize then this is the place for you.

Choir and Audio Visual
Central to serving here are uplifting voices and technical know how. If you can sing or have a knack for computers and/or an interest in operating sound equipment we would love to talk to you.

Children and Youth
Do you have a heart for the next generation? We want to ignite young people and teenagers and help them start the discipleship journey on the right foot. Faith-filled adults and teenagers who are a few steps ahead on the journey are needed to help us fulfill this dream.

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